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Hello there, and welcome to my notes.  I am the Wandering Alchemist, but I am also known as John Crowley.  I started this blog in June of 2015 because I had toyed with sharing my thoughts and ideas with the RPG community at large a number of times before.  This time, though, I wanted to do something more.  I wanted to have my own outlet to do it as I pleased.  Thus was born Notes of a Wandering Alchemist.

It began as just a way to put my thoughts together and get them out there.  Then it became a place to regularly share things I think about often.  Since then it has become so much more, for you guys and for me.  Things have reached a point that there are regular articles, every weekday, and some of these are part of a larger, virtually unlimited series of articles.  Resources For Every DM is just such a series.

In essence, this blog is exactly what it was at the beginning: a place to share my ideas and thoughts about RPGs.  But it has also grown to be a place to share my passion for table top gaming and to share my creations with you, the community.  Notes of the Wandering Alchemist has become the stepping stone into really embracing that passion and creativity and, because of it, lead to Untamed Dice (our actual play podcast) and getting real documents I have written out to the world via the DM's Guild.

Now instead of falling alongside reading, video games, beer brewing, insect collecting, and my other hobbies, RPGs have found the place as the thing I am probably most passionate about.  I have entered into a larger community and hope to continue becoming a bigger part of.  I want to play test other creations, give them shout outs, share stories, and learn from all of you.

As such I am always looking for feedback on everything I do.  Whether it is the look of the site, the home brew information, the articles I write, or the podcast feel free to send me your thoughts.  To make that easier you can scroll down and click on Chaugnar Faugn's big head and e-mail me directly.  You can also head over to the Facebook page or my Twitter and message me there!

Last, and certainly not least, I want to give special thanks to a few people.  First is Zack Keys for helping me with ideas, art, and the project we are working on.  A special thanks also to our Patreon supporters: Nat Skinner, Erin Rowan (also incredible editing and idea help!), and Alex Keys!

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