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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Catastrophe Chimeras, Old Gods, And Warlock Familiars

Hey everyone and welcome to Wednesday's homebrew.  Today I have updated more than I had expected and it finally feels like I am getting back on track.  If you head over to the chimera re-skins page, I have added a small fluff piece for each of the new catastrophe chimeras.  Now that we have plenty of variations to work with, I am definitely going to be working out a supplement for the DM's Guild.

The other thing that I managed to get done, and up, are five of the Old Gods of Atlazan.  If you head over there, you won't even have to search for them.  I did the first five to start you see.  This included completed titles/honorifics, favored weapons, symbols, and descriptions.  These will continue for the next two weeks or so as I fill out the rest of them.  We are getting closer and closer to Atlazan being somewhere I can start making PDFs out of the setting.

Finally want you all to know I am working on my current and future DM'S Guild supplements still.  If you follow twitter, you may have noticed my notebook picture a couple days ago.  A bit of a mess, as making creatures from scratch is new to me (at least for this edition).  If you look closely you can even figure out what I was working on.  I'll give you a hint.  They'll be included in my Paths of Power supplement as suggested Genie Noble patron familiars.  If you haven't checked out Paths of Power, you can go get it now for just a dollar over on the DM's Guild.  If you do, please leave me feedback, comments, or a rating!

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