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Monday, March 14, 2016

Catastrophe Chimeras, Old Gods, And A Death House

The past week has gone more difficult than I had hoped.  Some stuff got rearranged, but it still leaves me with a lot of stuff to share with you!  Tomorrow, I will continue with the re-skinning with some more chimeras of a different flavor.  Specifically, catastrophe chimeras.  This will lead directly into the next re-skinning article about taking those re-skins and determining whether we should use them over a range of CRs, adjusting them for the specifics that seem like they need them.  Wednesday, I am really hoping to keep fleshing out all those Old Gods I posted last week.  The next two Thursdays are going to feature reviews.  I don't wish to say what they are or what order I will put them up, because I am not sure which will be first and one is still a surprise for some PCs.  Then, of course, Friday will have another episode of Brave New Worlds for your weekly Untamed Dice.  Stay tuned Wednesday and Friday for specifics on what I am working on and the Untamed Dice projects.

Oh and those Patreon changes I promised are going to be taken care of this week.  I got distracted and let them slide.  But I do want you to know that if you were / are kind enough to donate any amount $1.00 or more, you won't just get a shout out but also access to the special Patrons-only podcast!

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