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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Old Gods, Chimeras, Nature Familiars

Ok guys, a few updates for tonight.  First off I managed to get up the last of the Old Gods.  Now, I can start clearing up what is already up in preparation for putting up even more.  Sadly that won't happen tonight as I had wished, but hopefully I will be able to get it done tomorrow.  I also wanted to mention that the DM's Field Guide Volume I is now up on the DM's Guild.  It includes 8 varieties of chimera for you to use, each of which included 3 different versions.  That's a total of 24 new chimera variants to try out!  I also had mentioned that I was hoping to get another update up for Paths to Power, but that has been a bit delayed.  On the plus side, though, it will include more than I had planned for this update.  Expect that this Monday, for sure.  It holds top priority for the weekend work.

Oh and if you catch this before midday Thursday, head over to twitter and vote for the game I should run for a last-minute one shot I will be running.  We can't record as usual, but I'll be damned if we don't record something!

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