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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Realms of Machines, Imagination, and Tyranny

Hello everyone, today I began filling out the basic snippets of the 27 Realms.  Three of them are done and I shouldn't have any trouble getting more in for next week.  You may have noticed I haven't done Luxarrah yet.  Well, the reason for that is quite simply that I want to do more than a snippet.  As the front runner for Brave New Worlds right now I have a lot more information on it than the other.  Though, to be fair, a couple of these have been years in the making so I have quite a bit on more than that one.

But, Luxarrah is one at the forefront of my mind.  So, it will get the majority of the attention.  I think that next week I will flesh out the rest of the snippets and the following week I will be fleshing out a page for Luxarrah and it's info.  Then of course there is more work to do on Atlazan and I have much work being done in my head about the next realm Brave New Worlds will visit.  As we get closer to summer (and my summer schedule being hammered out) I will be able to better facilitate what is getting done when.

For now it remains semi-haphazard, with each week dictating what I have time for and what needs take up the forefront of thought.  Don't worry though.  Information continues to flow in spite of such barriers!

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