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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The 27 Realms, Playlists, Resources Archive

Hey everyone!  The day was a little longer than i expected but I managed to get what I wanted to done.  First off, I updated the playlist on the site for Brave New Worlds.  Now all the episodes can be played from that page, up to and including the most recent, Ko'owl'a Bears.  I also went ahead and updated the Resources for Every DM archive page, as well the re-skinning and publication pages.  Those now have links to the appropriate places.  I also added a future link for the lizardfolk re-skins that get done.

The big part of what I wanted to do today, aside all that house keeping, got done too!  This entails the most noticeable change.  No longer is there a tab for Atlazan.  Now there is one for the 27 Realms.  These are the realms of the multiverse that have been brought up in Brave New Worlds and comprise what I have been working on for campaign worlds.  There I listed all the, current, realms and their designations and home worlds.  I included a little bit about Idohmlya, the world on which Atlazan exists, and there will be even more information coming.  Chances are I will try to tweak the layout a bit as we move forward and I put up more info.

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