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Monday, May 16, 2016

Ending Campaigns, Site Tweaks, and References

Hey everyone, another Monday gone by and I have a quick view of the week.  Tomorrow I am going to take part in the RPG Blog Carnival again.  It is about campaign endings (I believe/hope), and I have a pretty good idea on what I will talk about.  Mostly it will be about my thoughts on both how and when to end a campaign, when to bring it back, and my experience with such things.  Wednesday I am not going to have anything "new" for you.  However, I have a page of notes on the updates I need to do and the tweaks I want to do to the site.  I will be doing all of those then.  They are all pretty minor, but there are a lot, and it is my goal to keep making sure things are improved as time goes on.  Thursday's Resources article will include three reference books (part 2 for those keeping track), if things go as planned.  Then Friday you will get episode 2 of our Edge of the Empire adventure.

I mentioned it a few times on Twitter over the weekend, but I do have some things I have been working on.  Mostly getting caught up / ahead / in a position to be good for the summer should my schedule be quite busy for work.  So, there will be more on that to come, but for now rest assured things are being worked on!

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