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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Realms Of Light, Glass, & Dust

Hey there!  Today I have the basic descriptions of three more of the 27 Realms of the Multiverse for you.  This time we have a little blurb about Luxarrah and the Realm of Light which is featured currently in Brave New Worlds.  Additionally you can get a look at the Realm of Glass, a setting idea I had one day and hope to work out more of in the future.  Finally you get an initial look at another setting that is featuring prominently in my mind: the Realm of Dust.  This is the world of my take on Cowboys & Dragons, a setting and style I am very excited about, though who knows when we will get to actually visit it.

As for what is coming up, I am unsure what I will be posting next week.  I will continue to do something though.  There is always more to add, more to share, and more to write here.  But I can tell you I am going to be having conversation with one of my artist friends this weekend.  He is the one who did Chaugnar Faugn for me.  We are going to hammer out what I want and what I need to help get some art worked out.  Additionally, as the semester wraps up and I continue to get out tweaks I want on the blog and on the Patreon, I will be able to devote more time towards my DM's Guild and OGL work.  So, while I haven't mentioned anything since that list, it is in the works and I am continuously working to keep things moving forward!

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