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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Site Tweaks

Hey everyone!  I have begun tweaking the site.  So far I have done some really simple things like add in the last few weeks of resources articles into the archives.  Really it doesn't seem like much, but I do have to go through and double check to make sure I got it all and put the right link and everything.  Of course that is the easy stuff.  There is a list of thing I still haven't done.  Like updating the Untamed Dice playlists or creating an about page.  But some of this stuff requires me to be at my home computer.  Why?  Well first of all I store all my files at home.  Second, I need to have a quick computer with a real mouse to do some of this stuff.  It's just easier that way.  Of course it also allows me to try things on different platforms to see how they look.  And since tweaking the look, arrangement, and menu bar are all on my list.  Well, it's important I do that multi-platform check more often.  Lucky for me (and you I suppose) I have the day off tomorrow.  We can expect myself to get some more tweaking done then.  This will include thing such as the following:

  • About page
  • Playlist update
  • Contact info
  • Shuffling of side bars
To everyone who has provided input for me and have continued to check out and share this blog I thank you and hope these updates continue to improve it for all of us!

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