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Monday, June 20, 2016

Strahd, Mummies, Rule Books, And More!

Hey everyone!  This week I have some great stuff for you and some of it is even themed!  Where to start?  Ok, this weekend we got to play Curse of Strahd again and it is so much fun.  That book will definitely be getting my review next month sometime now that I have had a number of sessions with it.  Once again death was an ever-present danger, and the group was nearly TPKd.  This was, of course, in no way my fault.  They ran headlong in the danger.  They didn't scout ahead or formulate a plan.  My having them talk briefly with Strahd, need to interrupt a ritual, or rolling lots of natural 20s had nothing to do with it.  I swear.  They all lived and it was fun, so who cares anyway!

This week's theme is (sorta) mummies.  Well tomorrow I have a random little article I wrote a couple weeks ago about The Mummy.  It happened right after I watched it (again).  Basically it says why you should watch movies and have fun with them as a RPG player.  And also why The Mummy is like the best of them in many ways.  Wednesday is a continuation of the theme.  It is a paladin oath for 5th Edition that will come out for PWYW on the DMs Guild.  It is a bit different from other paladin oaths and directly relates to the movie in many ways.

Thursday we are deviating from the theme for our Resources for Every GM article.  This week's will feature rules books that you need to add to your shelf.  There are a variety to had and each has its own merits.  Not all of them come from the same edition, but there is a lot to take out of them for anyone.  Well, at least I think so.  Friday will be another episode of Brave New Worlds for you to listen to.  Hopefully you all enjoy the week and keep an eye on Twitter.  We are working on a few things that I can't talk about until next week, but I will be tweeting about them as things happen this week.  So, be sure to come back next Monday or just follow me over here.

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