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Monday, June 27, 2016

More Spells, Indie Games, Authors, And URL!!

Happy Monday everyone.  This is the last week of our one year anniversary celebration, but there is still plenty of things to celebrate!  First off, last week you may have noticed some postings showed up late.  I won't get into the various reasons for how it all ended up happening, but I do apologize.  This week shouldn't have such problems.  We did get a lot done last week though.  We recorded our first session of Monster of the Week, which was tons of fun, and you'll get to hear new people play when it airs.  Wristbands were also ordered last week.  Those should be here in another week or so, and there will be a few ways to get one if you want.  First become a patron of $3/month or more before Friday and you will be mailed one as soon as we have them.  Become a patron after Friday and you will get one in August.  We will also be doing a few giveaways, via Twitter, over the next month or two so you can keep an eye out there.  Finally, we hope to set something up where you can just purchase one directly from us for a few dollars.  The last thing I want to share with you before we get into the week's schedule is our new URL.  You can now officially go to thewanderingalchemist.com to get to the site!  If you have wandering-alchemist.blogspot.com in your bookmarks or the like, don't worry, because that will redirect to the blog!

So, this week should have some great stuff for you.  Tomorrow I am writing about some of my recent experience with indie games and why you need to play more of them.  Wednesday will see another release on the DMs Guild.  This will be Volume 3 of Spells of Old, featuring 10 spells from Libris Mortis.  The post for that day will also contain my ever-evolving plan for home brew material that's coming up.  Thursday will be our last double-sized resources article.  This time I will be sharing some of my favorite authors that inspire me to play RPGs.  Then, of course, Friday will be a new episode of Untamed Dice.  This week, another episode of Edge of the Empire.  Should recording continue to get ahead, we may move to an increased release schedule there.  Watch out Friday for more on that plan!

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