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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sphinx Patrons, Draconic Spells, And More On The Way!

Good evening everyone!  First of all I would like say thank you to everyone who bought my Paths To Power Volume I.  Yes I know I have said it but it bear repeating!  Today I have for you a special preview of Volume II in the Ancient Sphinx patron.  This I designed around the 5th Edition idea that sphinxes were not only riddle-makers and protectors of secrets, but that this was a sacred charge and they were responsible for testing those who sought such things.  I then looked at the expanded treatment they got, including their lair abilities.  Specifically I honed in on the bending of space and time and decided a control theme would work well.  In the Ancient Sphinx patron you will find abilities that allowing some aid in maneuvering the battlefield and bonus spells both to this effect and to increase the warlock's ability find information.  Hopefully you guys enjoy this, and I welcome feedback!

The other thing I wanted to share today was that I will be doing this every Wednesday this month!  To be fair I have mentioned this, but I have some idea of what you will get now!  Next week will be Spells of Old Volume II: Draconomicon.  From it almost a dozen spells (to start) are converted from the 3rd Edition.  Following that I will be including a new paladin oath and another Spells of Old featuring the Libris Mortis.  I also have a couple other things in the works right now and hope to have more details on that next week.  Until then!

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