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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Late Night News

Good evening everyone!  I may have been busy working on other projects today and lost track of time.  But on the plus side I am gaining ground on everything.  For this week, tomorrow ill feature this month's RPG Blog Carnival.  The topic is fey, and I have an article on Archfey and what they show us about story telling.  Specifically, it involves something some of my Twitter friends will remember talking about last week.  Wednesday is going to feature a DM's Guild release.  Finally you guys will get a preview of the next Paths to Power, featuring the Ancient Sphinx patron!  This preview will also be PWYW for anyone looking for an idea of what you can find in the Paths to Power products.  Thursday will feature another giant-sized Resources for Every GM and, finally, Friday will have another episode of Brave New Worlds!  I will have more information on my work for the DM's Guild Wednesday and this month will continue to feature new stuff so stay tuned!!

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