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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Progress report status: OK.  The weekend took more out of me that I had anticipated and, as I should have expected one day is not enough when there is more than just RPG stuff to work on.  Nevertheless I managed to get some stuff done on Tuesday and it has helped me get back on track.  Today I am finally getting the energy to do a bunch, but the problem is I only have so much time.

So for right now I am focused on getting out an episode of Untamed Dice tomorrow, along with the episode of D&Donuts, though the two will probably not happen at the same time.  I also want to make sure today's article gets out and that I have a workable schedule moving forward through July.  It is going to be a busy month for work and that means less time and energy to work on this, so I want to take care not to go crazy.

The first part of that means not trying to make up for the missed episode last week.  Much as I hate to do that, I would rather make sure to get back on track than focus on when I got off track.  Next week should include the regular allotment of articles, but they may show up at weird times.  Working IT during a superintendent's conference will do that.  If things deviate, I will be sure to make it known.

The second part of this is making more, usually smaller update posts letting you readers know what's up.  I will share these on Twitter and Facebook, but don't worry G+ communities not every one will be shared there.  This will make sure I keep a pace set and let you know about changes.

Finally, I want to mention that some stuff that should have gone out this week has not yet.  I am working on Patreon rewards and making sure I do them right and will get those out ASAP.  Spells of Old Volume III is slowly being plugged away at, but finalization will take a good chunk of time at once, so that will be delayed.  However, I am getting online with a friend to discuss the details on some projects we are working on, including future publications outside of the DMs Guild!

So, stay tuned for more and watch later tonight for 3 more Resources For Every GM!

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