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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Two New Episodes of Brave New Worlds!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the delay, but I left my screwdriver at work Thursday and that left me with two hard drives sitting on my desk instead of in the computer where they belonged.  Today the new SSD is in though, and you get two brand new episodes of Brave New Worlds.  Both of those can be found below!  The quality of these (I hope) is an improvement over what we have had.  I am working harder (and learning a bit more) on getting the quiet spots louder without the loud spots breaking ear drums.  The entire thing is much louder now too, so you should have to worry about accidentally blowing out your ears when switching to YouTube or something else after listening.  Next week we are going to have two new episodes from the Edge of the Empire game as I continue to get back on track.  Hopefully by then I will also have a better idea of how things will be playing out in the near future with the release schedule and what we will be recording in the near future.  As always thank you for listening to Untamed Dice!!

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