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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Updated Pages, Continued Small Successes, Getting Back Into It

Hello everyone!  Just a quick update this evening.  I went through and added the latest Resources For Every GM posts to the archive page, added the latest episodes of Untamed Dice to their respective pages, and updated the publication page.  A small step that is helping me get back into the swing of things!  While I am here, I want to mention how well things have been going.  I have had all this talk of projects I work on and spent a lot of time last month publishing more stuff to the DMs Guild, and would like to thank everyone who has purchased any of those documents or just downloaded the PWYW ones.  I would especially like to thank everyone who rated them, as well.  I'm not selling nearly as many as some others, but what I have done is reassuring to me and inspires me to continue working, doing more, and getting better.  So, thank you!

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