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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Where Is Everything!?

Have you ever formulated a plan for when things started slowing down and you had more time? A good plan with plenty of time to get everything caught up and back on track? Then you realize that the first time-frame in that plan is actually going to be the most hectic yet and that is the worst time to try to start that plan. Well, yeah, that happened. In August you all know I sat down and stopped working on stuff because I had been loosing control of any semblance of plan. September was for re-establishing things, because the summer business was over. Well the busy first week of September, and I should have known this, is actually the busy first month of the semester. Work, class, work, class, work double, work, work. Every week through September.

So, while I did manage to get some planning in place and figure out a lot of things, not nearly enough foundation work had happened by October. Regardless we are on course with Cracks of the Rift and the new Untamed Rant podcast. There is also two pages in my notebook of ideas, notes, and reminders for the (second) re-work of Patreon including some swag pricing for patron rewards, some dice pricing to start giveaways for patrons, and ideas for newsletters for patrons to see what they may have missed or should expect. I finally have the beginnings of a list for Resource For Every GM too. This means better preparedness on my part, and timely releases of the article.

I have also been keeping an eye on things on Twitter and started a list of things that people talk about to write articles on. Next will be to get a list going for re-skins. If you cannot tell I am fond of lists, but all these lists will help me track things I can do on this blog. I will give me a place to look and, with no particular order to them, I can pick which ever one I have a lot to throw out at you at any given time.

Then there is, of course, the DMs Guild. My projects have become woefully ignored. I feel I have cheated anyone waiting on what I have mentioned, as well as myself, in delaying all of these. But, I know that I have needed to. So, I am not going to promise this or that will be out at any time or even when you "should" expect them. Just know that I am working hard on getting back to them and greatly desire being at that point again.

Untamed Dice is something I can promise though. I have taken advantage of a friend's offer to clean up the audio for me and we have 5 sessions of audio sitting in that folder. The plan is that November WILL see the re-release of Untamed Dice episodes, beginning with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. As a thank you for listening and apology for so long without episodes, the entire final session will come out all at once to kick us off. It was, by far, the best and most fun of those sessions and a great ending to the adventure. Proceeding that is enough audio to carry us for a while while we continue to record more, but I'll have more on that later.

Stay tuned for more updates and more. It's all coming soon!

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