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Friday, November 11, 2016

November Updates!

Hey folks! Today I wanted to throw up some of the updates that are going on with us and make sure we keep you up to date with what we are doing. To start, planning continues and things are getting hammered out. Yesterday a shipment came in with multiple sets of dice for us to use in giveaways. This will include Twitter giveaways, as well as regular giveaways to our patrons. We hope to do more than this but, one step at a time! We have also figured out some more Wandering Alchemist gear we can start getting out hands on to include in the giveaways and to give to patrons. Buttons are at the top of the list, and right below that are stickers. In addition a newsletter for patrons is also on our radar to give patrons an idea of what they can expect form our Patreon, as well provide a place to make note of what has happened in the past month with links all in one place.

Before the Patreon revamp that is coming in January, we will be continuing to produce the Untamed Rant and the Cracks of the Rift. In addition, as I have been promising, Untamed Dice is coming back! This weekend we will kick off its return with the release of the finale of our Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game. Then we will begin to share our Luxarrah game with you (which we have a lot to share) AND there will be the release of our Cat one-shot.

On that note I will also be sharing my feelings on the Cat with you all, probably next week. I am also trying to get back into a habit of writing on here with more than just resources. I don't want to promise anything specific, but I hope for it to include (finally) review of DMs Guild products I have been using or intend to use. So, continue to keep watch and thank you to everyone who comes here and/or listens to our podcast. You have no idea how much we appreciate it!

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