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Friday, December 9, 2016

Me, Magic the Gathering, and Atlazan: What's Going On??

Spoiler alert for those of you expecting me to reveal some kind of insider information on the next Magic the Gathering blocks. I DON'T have it. I don't even have the connections to get it. If you are here because I write RPG material then hello and thank you. If a Google search for Atlazan brought you to my site and from there you were led here, then I apologize, but I cannot help you. I can tell you what's going on as far as I know.

Just over a year ago I began creating a home brew 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons world. The title of that world, and the continent it takes place upon? Atlazan. Look at any of my posts about it if you want to know more, or look at the world information. It is not Atlantean themed, but it is slightly Mesoamerica themed. I spent months working on this setting and it was my first fully realized setting in a long while. I have even been running a game in it for over a year. At some point I decided to share much of the detailed information about this world with you, the community.

Yesterday, sometime in the afternoon, a photo was "leaked" of some new Magic the Gathering booster packs. These featured new, not-yet-seen, and upcoming blocks. At least that's what people hoped. Come to find out it was part of a packaging design survey. What does that have to do with me? Frankly, nothing, except for one word: Atlazan. You see, one of those expansion sets was titled Atlazan. Since then I have been contacted a few times wondering if my stuff was stolen or if it has anything to do with Magic the Gathering.

The answer to both of those questions is no. I did not steal anything from Wizards of the Coast and they did not steal anything from me as far as I know. If I had to guess I would say that the name sounded good because it is similar to those that exist in real life. It is short and simple. I cannot honestly say, because I have not yet talked to Wizards about it. I do hope to do so soon. I neither want to infringe on any IP they have been holding to reveal for a while now, nor do I want to loose my setting's name if I can avoid.

So, if you are here because you sought much coveted early, insider info on Magic, I am sorry. Feel free to look around if you are into D&D as well. If I learn anything about this situation I will post another update. Until then don't scour this site looking for Magic leaks and please do not suggest that any are here. Thanks for visiting! Even if it was an accident!


  1. I sure hope I can keep living, loving, and adventuring in Atlazan. Not McWorld.

  2. to be fair, Atlazan sounds nice and is basically a portmanteau of Atlantis and Aztlan. it happens.

    1. Thanks. Felt it would be good to keep the folks coming here for MtG informed.