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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ideas For Future Articles

Hey everyone, I have been trying to figure out a direction for the articles that come out here and it is stumping me. I figure that, perhaps, writing out some of my ideas here will help me lock something down. For a long time I had a bit of a schedule of release, trying to get something up five days a week. It kept me steady and kept me going regularly, but it ended up being too much, as you probably know. In fact, keeping a regular schedule is probably the hardest thing to do here.

At one point I was trying to do a bigger Monday post that just went over the things I saw during the week, and it was pretty good. The only problem with that was I had slow weeks where I didn't see anything. Or I had weeks where there was just so much out there I didn't know what to mention. Perhaps the flaw in that goal was that I didn't have a plan or habit for checking in on different things. Maybe I should work on a list of regular sites to watch and the like. A certain day or a few days to specifically look for what is going on out there, maybe.

Regular showings of home brew work was nice and forced me to work on my projects, but a little too much. Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of home brew I am working on, but I can't share it all. At least not right away. A lot of that time as gone into one-shots for Untamed Dice, personal projects to publish, and projects I am working on with friends that I hope to share soon. But, it isn't just stuff that I can put up on the blog.

Resources articles are still coming every week, with the exception of one recently. That series is one in which there is a never ending supply of things to share, and the size of it is contained enough that I can get it isn't too difficult to do regularly. That is here to stay for sure. Of course, so are the posts for new episodes of Untamed Dice in case this is where you find those or watch out for them. Those aren't going anywhere.

What I need to do is get back to the bigger articles. Things like the Blog Carnival posts, the one about Zelda and D&D, and the one where I talk about my recent experiences with the Curse of Strahd and killing PCs. In fact, I have put a good amount of effort in putting together some of that kind of thing. I want to put up posts like those when they come to me or I feel like talking out a topic, but I also want some regular titles. Re-skinning needs to come back, but that might be a little while. World building has been on my mind a lot as well. Specifically the fact that those posts aren't the most well written. I know those topics need to be dialed back and planned out better.

That planning is something I am working on right now, along with a couple semi-regular (monthly?) series. One of those series will consider some of the long time creatures and beings that appear in games like D&D. These will be about the mythological creatures that don't often get the spotlight, but have plenty of crunch to be figureheads in adventures and campaigns. Another series I want to do is to get back to the science thing again, but with direction. What direction? Well, I want to start working on creatures that can be used in games that are pulled from nature. Insects will be a big player in that series because giant insects are scary, but what about giant versions of tiny and frightening bugs that exist in real life. I want to showcase some crazy, weird, and scary things from nature that, when turned giant, are fearsome fantasy opponents.

What else can I actually begin to commit myself to? Reviewing the DMs Guild material I have, for one. I will also be reviewing, or doing retrospectives in some cases, the games we one-shot on Untamed Dice. I supposed I should commit to writing shorter posts too. Getting on and writing about a cool game I saw or played. Expand on some of the stuff I post on Twitter or things that I can't fit in those 140 characters. Posts like that Zelda one, which I already know will get a follow up soon.

TL;DR - I am planning out this blog, getting my brain in order, by typing out what's up to you guys. I have already been back to posting more, though there is no true schedule. I plan on continuing and maybe a schedule will form itself (we can hope!). Despite my ideas, do you have any ideas for topics or series? Things you want to see? Things you don't?

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