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Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Untamed Dice!

Today brings you Episode 5 of our Luxarrah campaign!! I also want to mention a worry I have after the Rant debacle this month. While the audio isn't bad, we did run into the realization that it recorded via the notebook mic, not the good one. I know why now, and it is probably because the audio in and audio out selections are right next to each other. I would have made the wrong switch to our Meteor mic. Now I am hyper-aware of making sure NOT to do that, but I am also worried some of the recording in line to be edited got similar treatment. We may or may not even notice, I hope not, but just in case I want to apologize in advance if any episodes end up being of especially poor quality despite our efforts to improve. Anyways here is your new episode!

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