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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bad Weather and Power Outages Make It Hard To Technology....

After a couple mild winters in terms of snow, here we are again sitting on that nice fine line of 25-40 degrees. We start with rain, get breaks of rain, but end up with hours of heavy, wet snow that piles up like crazy. That makes life a bit troublesome and hectic in February, which is already the shortest and generally most financially difficult. Add in 40 mph winds with gusts up to 80 (depending on who you're listening to), and you end up with 95% of your town being without power. Personally I went 22 hours without power, and needless to say, that's why I'm so far behind.

Sure, there are other factors. I was behind on stuff and was putting stuff off. My fault. Buses screwed my Tuesday and moved that work day to Friday (which also didn't happen). Now I have to work extra this coming week, further throwing a monkey wrench into the already devolving plans I had. That bit is Mother Nature's fault. So, here I am trying tow work out a way to catch up on some stuff, while not falling behind on the rest. Here I am updating you fine folks as to what to expect here and when to expect it!

Untamed Dice
My biggest disappointment of the week. I was planning on getting most editing done Friday. When my schedule shifted that was going to be split among Thursday and Friday night. When I was home Thursday, it became a day project for then. Then we lost power. Oh, and so did Michael, aka Bjorn Gregory Brightwood, who has been doing the sound editing for me. So there are two things that were supposed to be out right about now, and just won't be: Luxarrah episode 8 (I believe) and Cat episode 3.

Hopefully, Michael will have Cat for me this weekend and the power cutting out half way through an export didn't screw the file up. As soon as I get situated Luxarrah will be (re-)edited, as well. Sadly, though I have to say you won't be getting them until next weekend. Should that change, for any reason, you can be sure I'll talk about it on Twitter. If things get super crazy again and the Snow Gods decide my fate is sealed, I'll try to let you know on here....eventually.

Blog Posts
This is not so much a problem as it is a set back. Obviously, I am taking time here writing this post for you all instead of working on what I had intended to write a few days ago. That's just how it goes. I intend to get the Cat review out this weekend, at the very least. There probably won't be another Resources until next weekend, but I am looking to get another post out either Monday or Tuesday. Probably the follow up for the Blog Carnival post.

The Future
Part of all the hectic-ness (and yes I will make up words as I please!) has been trying to plan. You know by now that I have been hard at work building this thing up slowly and working on other projects that relate to my work here. One of those took a writing hit this week. One of them took a planning hit. Then, of course, I still need to fix my export settings on my fixed computer. Needless to say, I'm looking at a messy day planner.

Still, part of that planning involved taxes, which are very stressful. Owing again would but a hurt on a lot of things, especially all of this (waves arms around the virtual world). A refund would allow me to catch up on life and do some much needed self-investing here. Lucky of everyone I am getting a refund and will be planning how to get as much out of it as I can this week. My hope is that it will get me a book or two, some more giveaway material, stickers for Patrons, and maybe even a new mic, but that's the hopeful maximum. Nevertheless, a weight has been lifted and that alone makes catching up on stuff a lot easier!

In good news, my edition of the DM Support Group prep series came out this week! You can find that right here, and be sure to check out the other posts. The group is a fantastic one and there are a lot of varied opinions and styles to be learned from. The Libris Monstrum series has been doing fairly well here and even generated more comments than any other articles or series, so far. Another will be coming out in about a week and a half, featuring a personal choice of monster and then I will allow you guys to vote on the fourth! I look forward to continuing this series and using it as a model to improve the older ones.

When you take online courses, write a blog online, and edit a podcast digitally, well, power is SUPER necessary for life. I am very far behind, but things are looking great for my life, which means things are looking great here. There is still lots coming and plenty to look forward to so stay tuned!

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