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Friday, March 25, 2016

Alpacalypse Now, Brave New Worlds, Patreon, And More

It's Friday everyone and thank the gods of the realms for that!  Tonight we stray from Brave New Worlds for a short time to go back to Alpacalypse Now.  If you remember, our misfits were trying to escape the stronghold of the blood worshiping alpaca people.  They are on their way but there is still plenty of opposition.  Tonight they fight some more of it!

Not to worry, we have plenty of Brave New Worlds to come.  I do want to work through the small arc of Alpacalypse Now though, so expect that to be interspersed until it finishes.  We also have some other things in the works, but nothing that will interrupt the Savage Worlds game.  Down the line we are going to do some short games, but timing is everything and things are being prioritized.

The special project we are working on will be here in just one week though, and that is a special podcast we begin recording tomorrow.  Tomorrow I hope to get around to talking about Brave New Worlds, putting together some of the pieces that have set this game up and what it meant for the players and what it will mean for the game.  Other topics will include Death House and the Curse of Strahd game we will be playing, the new desert homebrew world my getting made, and whatever else pops up.  This podcast will be a monthly thing and include all kinds of stuff from topics we want to discuss, games we just played, projects we're working on, or new stuff we're trying out.

There is only one catch, and I hope it's not too big for you.  It's for Patrons only.  I know, I know, why would we hoard that just for the Patrons.  Because I want to do something special for them.  AND it's all Patrons, all you need to do is pledge $1 or more...per month.  If you do that before next Friday you'll get access to the very first one!  If you aren't sure about doing so, if you want more than the blog, the podcast, and the Patron-cast, well we will at least give you a preview.  A look into what is going on on the Patron-cast, at least this first one.  The more of you that help, the more that this can become though.

And as always we simply appreciate you being here!

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