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Monday, March 28, 2016

Re-skins, Brave New Worlds, Old Gods, And D&Donuts

Happy Monday everyone.  We've got a lot going on this week, but that is a good thing!  Last week I put up some more Old Gods, released an update to Paths to Power, reviewed Death House, and took a side trip back to Gamma World.  Plenty happening, and plenty to come, but first I want to thank you all again for continuing to visit the page and sharing it with your friends.  Notes of a Wandering Alchemist continues to get more page hits and this month is no exception, having topped last month over a week ago!

Now, let's get on to the coming material.  Tomorrow is re-skin day and we are taking our final dive into talking about how far one can take re-skinning.  In it I am going to go into the possibilities of taking those chimera re-skins even further and effectively making brand new monsters.  I'll talk about what I have been doing with the chimeras for my DM's Guild supplement as part of this, but the main concern will be CR adjustments and why you might want to make them.

Wednesday I am going to have five more Old Gods for you, and that will leave just one more week for them.  Then it is on to revising the history and make everything mesh together properly.  Thursday we get back to our regular Resources article, though I have yet to decide which ones I'll be throwing up.  The theme will just have to remain a surprise.  Friday, Untamed Dice will be headed back to the Savage Worlds system with Brave New Worlds episode 6!

In case you didn't know already we are shooting to get some more patrons over on Patreon to help us reach our first goal.  This goal is simple, monthly cost of podcast hosting using SoundCloud.  We are more than halfway there and could use your help.  Any pledge you give ($1 or more) will grant you access to what is tentatively known as D&Donuts our post-gaming coffee session.  We talk about playing Savage Worlds and how we can tweak bennies, making characters and trying to flesh them out, upcoming games we are trying to play, and just some basic scheduling issues.  It is laid back chat, but you will get it each month and as time passes we will just have more and more to talk about, including suggestions from Patrons.

If you aren't sure about that, I will give you a piece of the first episode with absolutely no commitment this Friday.  Perhaps around 20 minutes of the hour and 15 or so.  Finally we have some more stuff in the works as we are planning on ordering stickers this weekend and may end up getting magnets too.  Some giveaway plans may be on the horizon for patrons too!

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