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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Old Gods and Chimeras Galore!

Today I have for you five more of Atlazan's Old Gods.  That brings us to ten fleshed out and detailed gods of the Atlazan pantheon from the continent's far past.  I am unsure what the total is looking like for well known / worshiped deities but it is up there.  I think that when I have completed all the detailing I will make a master list, both for myself and the blog.

In addition to that I have a little better knowledge of when you will get the chimera supplement.  Like I mentioned , yesterday?, this will include a great number of chimeras for various levels of play and a variety of locations.  The grand total will end up being 15 stat blocks in all, I believe.  This should go up by the end of the day Monday as long as all my plans play out as they are supposed to.  In addition another update to Paths of Power is coming in the form of another familiar.  This time for the spirit of nature path.  It is only one stat block for this one, and I think I have finalized what I want from it, so that should be up this weekend!

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