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Friday, April 15, 2016

Brave New Worlds Episode 8, Getting Ahead, & Choices

It's Friday everyone.  No, seriously, it really is Friday.  Despite how Monday-ish this morning was.  And you know what that means, a new episode of Untamed Dice.  Tonight we find out what happened in with that session cliffhanger and how the party handles the ghouls.  Below you can find that episode, but if you're not caught up head over to the playlist here or go catch up on iTunes or Stitcher.

If you are curious about what else is going on at Untamed Dice, we actually have quite a bit for you!  Right now we are many weeks ahead with recording to make sure that you get something every week.  This weekend ups that lead just that much more.  You may ask why I am not making the episodes longer or releasing them twice a week.  And you have every right to ask that!  I wish I could.  But as of right now, the summer still looks to be the busiest work time for many, myself included.  It may be that we get to play quite regularly this summer.  It may be that we have incredibly sporadic.  Right now that doesn't matter for your Untamed Dice listening pleasure.  With the current plan I have, there will be no interruptions.  And that, my friends, is my top goal for you.

Things may change and, if they do, I promise you will either get longer episodes or bonus releases.  Just do me a favor and share the podcast with your friends!  Oh!  And if you are listening and have a twitter acount head over to my page (you can find my feed to the left there) and vote on my pinned poll.  Given everything I just said, we are in the middle of a Brave New Worlds arc and I would prefer to finish it before giving you some weeks of Star Wars.  However, summer may interrupt it a bit.  Should that be the case what do you guys prefer?  Would you rather all we have of BNW and then Star Wars?  Alternate them weekly when we know it'll be a problem?  Alternate the sessions (a couple of weeks between alternating)?  Or would you prefer a good pause place for BNW then Star Wars, then back to BNW?

If you have other thoughts on it, please leave me a comment or DM me on twitter.  One shots would, ideally be bonus episodes, do you agree?  Or should they be breaks between arcs?  Both?  Wing it as life throws curve balls?  If you have listening preferences or things you found in other casts you thought they could have done better, let us know!

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