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Friday, April 29, 2016

D&Donuts, Indie Games, And The 10th Brave New Worlds!

It's finally Friday again folks, and that mean more Untamed Dice for you all.  Below you can listen to episode 10 of Brave New Worlds and pick up where we left off last week.  Right as the group discovers that someone is performing a ritual at the top of the Soul Forge and his robe has a very familiar symbol embroidered into it.

In other news, of all the possibilities of scheduling I have asked folks about, the outcome is not going to come from any of them.  For reasons beyond my control we have not had a chance to record the next session of Brave New Worlds yet.  As a result you will be getting plenty of Star Wars next.  If we are really lucky, and things finally go as I hope, then we will be able to alternate by the week after.  If things don't go that way, I am sorry you won't get more of that story line, but you will still get weekly episodes.  Our Star Wars Edge of the Empire adventure arc should be able to fill a number of weeks.  If nothing else it will give us the chance to come to grips with things.

Because conflicts in schedule mostly come down to Delilah / Tiny it is likely the continuation of Alpacalypse Now is on hold for who-knows-how-long.  Priority is in Brave New Worlds, and play-numbers agree.  Eventually I hope to revisit the game, but so goes the life of table top gamers.  I mentioned earlier in the week that I would be revamping some of the way things work.  Specifically our Patreon account, your rewards, and what we are doing here.  So what does that mean for our podcasting?

First it means that after we finish up the Edge of the Empire adventure, which requires one more session of insanity, I am going to strive for more one shots.  And when I say this I want to do one session adventures and use indie or less-known systems.  We have some from PAX and I look forward to trying them out and sharing our adventures in them.  Part of this includes a greater push to including some rules information explicitly state for you.  You can join us as we create characters and play the game, and maybe help you decide if it is something you should try.  Hint: it probably is either way.

Finally this brings us to the podcast - Patreon overlap: D&Donuts.  We are recording the second episode tonight and that will be released early next week.  You still have tonight and all day tomorrow to join us for it.  This episode will feature some talk of common problems in DMing (at least for us), the development of my friends campaign world, and our first cracking of all the books we picked up at PAX.  Needless to say, I am excited for the episode and, if you listen, you get the vote on what game we prioritize getting out for you on Untamed Dice!

TL;DR - we're working hard to make sure you guys get entertainment, we're working hard to make it better, and we want input from you on how to do that!

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