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Monday, May 2, 2016

History, The Multiverse, And Untamed Dice

Happy Monday yet again everybody.  This weekend saw the end of April and the beginning of May, and thus the page hit totals for another month.  While April was lower than March, it was an event I expected to occur after such an explosive growth that month.  Good news, though, is that April ended up being higher than February, so things are still great!  This month I hope to top April, so share things with your friends!

As for this week I have a couple of things planned.  We start tomorrow off with a look into why I play D&D.  As we approach the one year anniversary of Notes of a Wandering Alchemist (next month!!) I want to share a little but more of my history with the game.  I want to tell you why I play and love D&D and how I found my way here.  Along the way I will share my introduction to the game and the influences that pushed me towards it again and again.  Besides sharing about myself, you'll of course find suggestions on books and games to experience if you haven't already.  And hopefully you'll be reminded of how you got into D&D (and other games!) or why you love it.

Wednesday I am going to continue producing some overviews of the 27 Realms of the Multiverse.  Then on Thursday will be another resources article.  This time I will likely feature some more rule books / source books to aid you in your game play.

Then we come to Friday and Untamed Dice.  As I mentioned on Friday, this will feature an episode of the Edge of the Empire adventure we have been playing.  This adventure will feature heavily in the coming weeks, as you already know, but it may not be as heavily featured as I began to expect.  Cross your fingers now, but we should be getting in Brave New Worlds Friday night as well.  That means, if I work my ass off, I can alternate between the two adventures immediately.  This is what I wanted to do, it is what you wanted me to do, but was what the cosmos seem to be fighting.  But we're fighting back and I will have updates for you Friday!

And on a final note, I will be finishing up the second episode of D&Donuts tomorrow.  It and the preview version will be up by Wednesday night at the latest!

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