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Friday, April 1, 2016

Daybreakers, D&Donuts, Previews, & Stitcher!

It is finally Friday folks, and that means that I have a bunch of stuff for you.  And none of them are Aprils Fools, promise.  The first thing is, of course, the new episode of Brave New Worlds!  You can find that below.  As an added bonus to that you can now find us on Stitcher if that is your preferred method of Podcast listening.  Even better than that though, is the fact that we have not one but two new pieces of audio this week!  What is this bonus?  You may know if you have been paying attention, but we have a special preview of our Patron only podcast called D&Donuts.  Right below the new Brave New Worlds episode you will see the track which includes the first 20 minutes of the full episode.  And, finally, we have the first episode of D&Donuts for those of you who are already patrons!  You, of course, will have to head over to the Patreon page for that.

If you enjoyed that preview and want more, or for whatever reason you like, you can head here to help us out.

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