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Monday, April 11, 2016

Spirits Of Nature, Ravenloft Characters, 27 Realms, & Lizardfolk

Ok everyone.  You remember how I said I was going to do some spring cleaning and rearrange the site a bit?  Well, welcome to the week I actually do it!  No, really.  I'm focusing on not adding anything to the site Wednesday for homebrew.  Instead I want to make sure pages are up to date and ready for stuff to be added there later.  For real this time.  I have a list of what needs doing and everything.  Why didn't this happen you may ask.  Good news, I did get something done!

Over the weekend I managed to get to that Paths to Power update I have been talking about.  Included are 4 new familiars for those who may take the Spirit of Nature patron, though they could work for an Archfey too.  The first is the hourou kami, also known as the wandering kami.  A simply nature spirit who helps hunt down those that have wronged the natural world.  The others are 3 different versions of leshy.  Inspired by those of Pathfinder and representing tiny, semi-civilized plant-people.  Stats-wise they are almost exactly the same, I admit.  But there are a couple small differences that I felt would be better shown than listed.  I also hope to come up with a little bit more to differentiate them in the future.  The other thing that took some of the weekend's time away was the leveling up of the characters we took through Death House last month.  They're level three and pretty excited to keep playing, and I cannot wait to see what Strahd has in store for them.

Back to the spring clean-up.  This Wednesday there will be no new information on the homebrew pages.  As much as I would like to throw something up, I really need to make sure this place is up to date.  I also want to rearrange things a bit so that I can get info about some of the other 27 realms up.  And/or other parts of that one.  So I guess titles and dead links may give away some information.

As for the articles that are going up this week, tomorrow is a re-skin day!  And it could be an especially fun one because I am going back to the very basics: taking something and making it into a lot more things.  Just like we did with the chimera.  Of course now, I won't hesitate to through some rules curve-balls in there.  Tomorrow's topic is the lizardfolk.  Classically represented as iguana-like swamp dwellers, I think we can get some much more out of them.  A whole range of subraces, if you will.  Thursday is another resources day and this week I have one planned involving items that can act as major plot hooks or plot points.  Or not, of course.  Finally, this Friday will bring you more Brave New Worlds.  Don't worry though.  The Star Wars Edge of the Empire one shot we did Friday is more like a two shot and you will have a few weeks of that coming this summer, if that peaks your interest!

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