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Friday, May 6, 2016

Untamed Dice, Edge Of The Empire, Choices, And Brave New Worlds!

It's Friday everyone so get ready for another episode of Untamed Dice.  Tonight we have the first episode of our Edge of the Empire adventure.  In it you'll find the player's picking the characters and getting information about the way Fantasy Flight's system works.  Don't worry, we start breaking into the adventure towards the end!  You can find that episode below.

I also have some new regarding other games.  As I have mentioned, we got 4 new indie RPGs at PAX this year.  All games that we will record for you, including character creation and rules overviews.  That way you can get an idea about the way the game works, just in case you want to  play yourselves.  With regards to that we have a poll up on Twitter for the next day and you can vote on what we do first.  Check it out here.  And in happy news, we are recording Brave New Worlds this evening, which means no delay for you guys.  You will get our one-shot episodes alternating every other week with Brave New Worlds!

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