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Monday, July 25, 2016

Cypher, Donuts, Giveaways, Star Trek, And Horror

Happy Monday everyone!  The internet is back!  Crazy events are over and I actually have some free time again!  There is a lot of catching up to do from the rather poor showing July has been.  The first step in making up for all of this is just making sure things get back on track.  The train has derailed, flipped over, and fallen from a cliff but that is ok.  I'll get it back up there.  Tomorrow will have an article for you about being a player when you usually DM, taking from some of my personal experiences.  I probably will be forgoing Wednesday updates for a while in preference for getting things done behind the scenes.  Thursday will finally feature a review of Monster of the Week from the player's side of the table.  This weekend will have some more Untamed Dice for you including both Brave New Worlds and Star Wars Edge of the Empire.

Aside from all this, there is a ton of stuff that has been happening.  Some of this you may have heard about, others perhaps not.  Much of it depends on what I have managed to mention.  First off, today we are finally trying Cypher with Gods of the Fall.  I am very excited to try out this system.  Today we are not recording, but we will be recording an adventure when the next Kickstarter book arrives.  Today is just going to be us playing the game and me trying to get a good grasp on the rules.  It is a system with some potential for a setting a friend and I are working on so understanding it better is pretty important.

Next week we will be recording D&Donuts and this time I am looking to improve the way things go again.  I am going to do a write up for us this time to make sure we have a better plan and cover what we want / need.  Topics are going to include alignments and how they can help or hinder a game, as well as some information on the Cypher system, how it works, and how we enjoyed it.  Watch out towards the end of next week for the preview of that.

As a final note on Wandering Alchemist topics, I want to mention our giveaways.  There is a tweet pinned to my page which you can get to over on the right.  Retweet that and / or tweet with the hashtag #wanderinggiveaway and you will have a chance at one of the five wristbands we are giving out.  We will be doing more of these in the future, along with some others that include items we are still working on.  More on that later, but make sure to head to twitter before the 1st to get a chance at a free wristband!

A couple notes on RPG-related topics to cover now.  First, Star Trek Adventures!  I am so incredibly excited for this.  Recently I have been re-watching The Next Generation for inspiration and have covered some RPG topics relating Star Trek to D&D.  How amazing it is that an RPG based in the classic universe is in the works!  It is something I have been hoping for for years now, and I will be sure to keep an eye on it and keep up information here.

Second, Pathfinder is coming out with some awesome resources soon.  Luckily, they aren't just useful for Pathfinder but (with a bit of DM work) D&D.  Again, the books coming out are right up my ally.  First off are a pair of books centered around horror: Horror Adventures and Horror Realms.  The former is a full rule book that is available from Paizo now and the second is a player's companion due out in October.  Paizo produces quality work and tons of story driven inspiration and material, so these should be fantastic.  Finally, Strange Aeons is the next Adventure Path coming out and it is nothing but Lovecrafian fun!  I will be purchasing this and I will be running it one way or another, either in Pathfinder or D&D 5th Edition.  I may even record it for you!

Until next time folks!

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