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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Class Re-skinning, News, And Catch Up

Hello everyone and happy Monday/Tuesday!  Ice Cream Armageddon has ended and we are on our way to catching up to the truly important things like RPGs.  This week I have a ton of stuff coming out and will probably be posting another news post on Thursday to keep you up to date and (perhaps more importantly) keep things straight in my head.  Tomorrow I am getting a ton of stuff done.  Among them will be a re-skinning article covering classes and their combinations to create unique characters, with at least one terrific example.  I will also be getting all my eggs in order for the Spells of Old Volume III and formulating the final release spell list for that supplement.  Keep an eye out for details Wednesday and the actual publishing sometime in the next 7-10 days.  Tomorrow I will also be getting up Friday's Untamed Dice and prepping this coming episode.  Finally, I will be getting out the Patron rewards for this month including: D&Donuts, an NPC, and Brave New Worlds character sheets.

I will also be touching up the site this week with updates and details on that coming Wednesday.  Thursday will includes a Resources article, of course, though I have not decided what on yet.  That decision will come tomorrow sometime.  So, watch out for an extra post or two with updates as I get my act together and fill in a plan for everything!

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