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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Still Here!

Hey everyone!  You may have noticed that this week has been a bit on the rough side for getting things done.  I was delayed on the Spells of old Volume 3 and decided to old off on rushing it out.  That will hopefully come out in about a week, and include more spells to start than I had originally intended.  Specifically I'll start getting those necrocyst (I think that's what it is) spells in there too.

What I did not intend to happen was for the internet to be down all Friday morning to delay my work on the release for Untamed Dice and getting the work up for Patrons.  I also meant to post this Friday, but it is July 4th weekend (and a huge 4 day one at that) and I spend the summer doing extra work at an ice cream shop in a very tourist heavy area in the summer.  Essentially its insanity until Tuesday.  If you watched my tweets, we also had a huge thunderstorm late Friday night.  This caused the internet to be funky all yesterday morning and having gotten home so late I wasn't able to post this until now.

Now that you know why everything is so crazy late, I want you to know it will sadly continue to be late with the little time I have until Tuesday.  Tomorrow I will get a news post up with some more details, but as of right now I plan to spend Tuesday catching up.  This includes many of the Patron rewards, the regular Tuesday article, this past Friday's Untamed Dice episode, and prep for the rest of the week.  Check back tomorrow to find out what I have in store for the week and to get some updates on other stuff coming up ahead!

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